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GUYS, the INTERNET is why Derek Jeter is not having a very good season, and Ken Rosenthal is ON IT.

Alex Leo: The Four Kinds of NYT Headlines


While you can count on every HuffPost headline starting with WATCH or PHOTOS and every NY Post screamer being a pun your grandfather would have found hilarious, the Times has its own headline ruts that seem to have gotten deeper over the years. Here are the four most common kinds…

1) The…

The Death of Print

As circulation numbers of the country’s major newspapers drop, America’s journalists have tried to find more of the so-called “lifestyles” stories that make for fluffy copy. These pieces tend to resemble the obvious and mundane. Don’t leave your front door unlocked in New York City. Unattended laptops at coffee shops are likely to get stolen. People are buried in their smartphones during inappropriate moments. And on and on and on.

From time to time, this space will serve to mock and highlight the ridiculousness that are lifestyles pieces. After a while, you’ll see that newspapers are just telling us what we already know.